Madder in London - Charles

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Charles Madder married Jane KNOTT at Southwark in 1826. His occupation is given as Farmer/Gardener/Coachman. They had five children by 1832. No death for Charles has been found but a Jane Madder age 35 was buried at St Paul’s Deptford in 1835.

Their eldest child Jane was in an orphan asylum in 1841, she became a servant and in 1867 married Lewis BRAY. It appears that Lewis was already married and in 1883 she married (as a spinster) Joseph PRISE.


Charles, born in 1828, was the only son of Charles and Jane. He married Mary Jane TURNER in 1855 and after her death in 1862, married Elizabeth Mary CALDER in 1864. They had only two daughters before Elizabeth died, in 1870. A newspaper reports "On 31st May in the 25th year of her age Elizabeth Mary Madder the beloved wife of Mr. Charles Madder of the Red Cross, No 200 High St Borough, after a long and painful illness".


Charles seems to have been a colorful character, becoming a Grocer and General Provision Dealer and Commission Agent in Camberwell, as he is described in Bankruptcy proceedings throughout the early 1860s. He must have been discharged as in 1866 and 1867 he is advertising as a commission agent and accepting bets on the Derby of those years. However on 11th June 1867 he was in court for not paying out winnings to somebody called Savage. The money was deemed irrecoverable due to Lord George Bentinck’s Act.


The following April he took over the license of the Red Cross in Borough High Street and in 1870 moved to the White Hart, Walworth Road. Shortly afterwards he was again made bankrupt and died in 1877 at the age of 48.


Neither of his daughters, Elizabeth Jane (1865-1945) and Bessie Edith (1866-1937) married, working most of their lives as servants.


Their aunt Ann Madder was married in 1865 to William NEVILL, a labourer. It is not known what happened to the other two daughters of Charles and Jane, twins Mary and Elizabeth, who were born in 1830.