Madder in Norfolk

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One of the earliest mentions of the Madder name in Norfolk is in the Curia Regis Rolls of 1221, which mentions a Thomas Mader.
In 1379 John Madour was involved in the Poll Tax Riots in NE Norfolk.
Wills can be found from about 1428 (Thomas Madde, senior of Thornham All Saints).

The first family that can be assembled is that of Alexander Madder/Mather who died in Norwich in 1558. The baptisms of his children can be found in parish registers and his will gives information about his life. He was involved in public affairs as an alderman of Norwich and also a member of parliament for that city. I have been unable to discover any family beyond his children.

At the start of the 17th century a Madder family becomes established in Swaffham and then Thetford. Most of the later Madder families are probably descended from these.
John and Mary Madder baptised children in Bintry from 1643 and are probably my ancestors (although I cannot yet prove it!).

In the 18th century the Madders were established in East Dereham and Swanton Morley, which leads to a 19th century family in Castle Acre, most of whom then went to London. 

There is also a family in Horsham St Faith descended from William Madder who married Ann Riceborough in 1765. (William may have come from the East Dereham family.) Part of this family immigrated to Australia in the 1850s.

By the 20th century only a handful of Madders were left in Norfolk.