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For convenience I have divided my research geographically into the following “Families”

Norfolk: This includes my own line, descendants of Robert MADDER of Syderstone, and other branches, probably related but not officially connected. It includes families in Swanton Morley, Castle Acre and Horsham St Faith. There are offshoots in Canada & Australia

Suffolk/Essex: There was a family of MADDERs in Sutton in the 15th to 17th century (at one point they owned the site of Sutton Hoo). Probably connected are the MADDERs in Wivenhoe, Essex and others around the Suffolk/Essex border. In the 19th century some of this family were sailors.

Lancashire: A mixture of MADDER and MATHER. It is an old and extensive family that is genetically related to “my” Madders. This family includes The Rev Richard Mather who sailed to America in 1635. I have also included any Madder families in the North West of England under this heading. I have not yet done much research on this “Family”

Leicester: A group of mainly shoemakers in Victorian Leicester. There seem to be two separate lines; one descended from the illegitimate son of a Mary Ann Madder of London and the other may have a Norfolk connection.

Devon: There is a Madder family, probably from London, that settled for a couple of generations in the 18th Century in Exeter. I also have details of a MEDDER family in Pymouth and other ports. They should probably not be included as in a MADDER ONS but the information is available to anyone interested.

London: A convenient heading for several small families living in London, who may or may not be connected.

Scotland: These MADDER (or MADERs) originate from the Scottish Borders, in particular Jedburgh. They may have arrived with the monks who built Jedburgh Abbey in the 12th Century.

Ireland: Several individuals that have not yet been placed into any trees.